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Appnoon provides a guaranteed formula for the success of your mobile app. We offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make your app stand out in this breath taking competition. The success of your mobile app is guaranteed, if it gets high visibility and traffic. We do thorough research and make a complete plan to draw your mobile app on top of the search engine results.

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Our service deals with all important aspects of app store SEO like link building, social media mentions, setting appropriate keywords and content optimization. Our team will give proper app titles, suitable keywords with right density, meta description, etc. We even work during the holiday season, when other SEO companies are enjoying the holidays.

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We deploy white hat SEO tactics in all our projects. Using a combination of various tactics like SEO-friendly web design, unique content generation, and proper on page optimization; we will generate traffic for your mobile app.

Content plays a huge role, whenever you submit your app to app stores like Apple’s App store, Google Play Store, Samsung App store or Windows Phone Marketplace. We optimize perfect content for App Stores. We choose a title for your app that highlights your brand name as well as the functionality of the app. Generally, we optimize two pages of the app; first is app store and the second is the app page on client’s website. Search engines are unable to understand the audio or visual content in the app; they crawl the content present around video file.

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